The Best Trees to Build a Treehouse

Treehouses are a fun project to do alone or along side with your kids. No matter what age you are Treehouses are a magical place where not only children can enjoy but adults as well. Over the years Treehouses have went from your average looking structure to more luxurious apartment homes. With technology on our side, we can create homes that have running water and electricity. Treehouses are a great way to utilize that giant tree in the backyard which seems to take up more room than you know what to do with. With the right equipment and tools, that tree can transform into a fort or a small play area for your children to make memories. If by chance your property has a great deal of land, you can create your own Treehouse and use it as an Airbnb. Guests would love to recapture their childhood by staying the night in a Treehouse. Who wouldn’t? A person who is considering building a Treehouse must take the time to consider which Trees would be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the structure. We also don’t want to build on a tree that is dying or damaged. Too much stress on the tree can cause the structure to fall or split the tree trunk or branches. When choosing a tree to build on, the material for your Treehouse should be lightweight. The material should also withstand the elements to prevent future damage such a mold or weather wear. Once you have your materials in mind you may want to consider drawing up a plan on how big your Treehouse is going to be. Pick trees that are mature and have a wide trunk. Young trees are weak and are harder to control. However, picking trees that are too old is not a wise choice as well. Trees that are too old can split on fall which in that case you would need a Tree Removal Service Professional to come and remove that tree from your property. The tree you pick would be matured and have well settled roots with strong branches. Tress that have pests, numerous insects, or fungus will need to be treated by a tree specialist. These are signs of a sick tree and will likely die without the proper care and treatment. The best trees to build a Treehouse are Oak, Apple, Maple, Beech, Hemlock or Cedar. These trees grow to be very large and can withstand the weather which is very important when constructing your Treehouse. Once you pick your tree you will want to make sure there is not a lot of foot traffic near the tree area. Lots of foot traffic means more people that are walking around your tree, and that more  soil may become compacted, which can be bad for the tree and put the treehouse at risk. If you are considering building a Treehouse call a local Tree Specialist in your area and have them come out to inspect your trees on your property. The Tree Professional will inform you of trees that are best for your Treehouse project and which trees to avoid.