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Do you have a problem tree that needs to be removed? Or do you have tree branches that have been left undone for too long and now requires heavy lifting and heights? At Mendocino Tree Service Pros, we are licensed, bonded and insured Arborists and when the job is a bit more than you can handle, call us to get it done safely - and to get it done right.

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Your Mendocino, CA Tree Pruning, Trimming and Removal Specialist

By its very nature, tree removal is not an easy task. It requires forethought, know-how, time, and the right equipment - all of which we have at Mendocino Tree Service Pros. We have years of expertise under our belt at safely and successfully removing hundreds of trees, including ones that are already down as well as physically removing standing trees.

When assessing a tree removal job, we always take into consideration a number of factors - the size of the tree, the species of tree, current damage to the tree, the proximity of your home, neighboring homes, nearby trees, landscaping and flower gardens; and of course the current weather conditions. All of this planning and assessment assists with performing a successful tree removal while resulting in as little to no additional property damage as possible.


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Why Choose Us For Your Tree Service

Having a reliable and knowledgeable tree removal company is crucial for a successful tree servicing project. There is an art to tree trimming and removal, stump grinding and especially emergency tree services after a storm comes through. These high risk projects shouldn't be attempted by the average home or business owner.  Especially if there are a lot of buildings, lines, wires and obstacles in the way. Not to mention a falling tree can be deadly. Call us and we can get you a quote.

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We are fully licensed, bonded and insured for all the services we offer, giving you peace of mind!

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We take pride in ensuring each project is completed both on-time AND on-budget!
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The area's safest, most trusted and knowledgeable tree service company.

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